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8.2 - ARTICLES PART - 02


               THE USE OF ‘THE’

 i.                ‘The’ is used before something that is particular, or alone of its kind, or is separated by definition from other similar things.

1)      ‘War’ is terrible.

2)      ‘A war’ broke out.

3)      ‘The war’ ended after a month.

At no. 1:  ‘War’ is used in a general sense. Therefore, we use do not use ‘a’ here.

At no.2:  An individual war is meant. It is not specified so far. Therefore, we use ‘a’.

At no. 3:  The same ‘war’ becomes particular. It is there in the mind of the speaker as well as the listener. Therefore, ‘the’ is used.

War is terrible. China occupied a part of our territory. Indian delegation went to China for talks. The Chinese became very aggressive. A war started. Many people died. The war ended after one month.

We do not say ‘a gold’ (or ‘a snow’) because gold is not one of the things which are all present in front of us to be talked about or pointed at. Some of the things which are very unlike natural things are looked on as if they were the name of substances; for this reason we do not say ‘a learning’, ‘a behavior’, or ‘ a damage.’

ii.               It is used also for something which is particular.

1)      I bought a pen. (The noun, Pen, is individual, but not distinguished from other pens.)

2)      The pen was very useful. (Now the same pen is a particular thing or noun. Therefore, ‘the’ is used.)

Thus, ‘the’ is used for a particular thing stated earlier :

iii.              The is used also for a thing which is alone of its kind as :  the sun, the moon, the sky, the earth, the north, the south, the east, the west.

iv.              It is used also for a thing which is separated by definition from other things.

1)      ‘Boys’ play cricket.

2)      ‘Boys’ is used in a general sense. Therefore, we do not use any article.

However, ‘The boys of my class’ play cricket.  The words ‘of my class’ define ‘boys’ and therefore, make ‘boys’ particular. We apply ‘the’ before ‘boys’.


1)      ‘The money’ for charity was limited.

2)      ‘The pen’ on the table is new.

3)      ‘The man’ with the red bag is my brother.

4)      ‘The man’ in the kitchen has two cars.

v.                The is used also when we personify a person or thing as some other person or thing.

1. Mr. L.K.Advani is the Sardar Patel of the modern era.

N.B.:  No article is used before proper nouns because a proper noun describes itself. In these cases the identification of the object is self-evident


1)      Amit is my friend.

2)      Ravi is my brother.

3)      India is our country.

Also, the definite article is not used when the individualization is self-evident:

Examples:  father, mother, uncle, after lunch, dinner,   etc.

Father wants some money.

Meal is ready.

N.B.: The quality of a specified meal:

The dinner lust Sunday was delicious.

Exercise No. 3.2


USE:  - ‘A’, ‘AN’, ‘THE’, wherever necessary. Write ‘x’ if no article is required

Example:  I saw ________girl. ________girl was reading a novel.

I saw a girl. The girl was reading a novel.

1.              During _______ month of April, _______sky remains clear.

2.              In May_______ sun shines brightly.

3.              _______ Birds always want ________food.

4.              Amit has just left for _______ adjoining park.

5.              ________good players are liked by all.

6.              Ashok is _______ distinguished player of our team.

7.              _______ Rain never comes before the month of ______ August in this area.

8.              Look! , there is _______ letter that you wanted.

9.              This is _______ girl who won ­­­­­_________ third prize

10.          Many _________ youngsters live in _________ Delhi as it is ________ capital of India.

11.          Every room here needs ___________ furniture for its proper get-up.

12.          Amit went towards __________ east, and I went towards _________ west.

13.          Radhika does not know what _________ poverty is.

14.          ________fierce dog bit ________ tallest boy of our class.

15.          This tablet gave him _________ comfort for two days.

16.          After directing __________ mysterious and lengthy movie one needs _________ rest.

17.          _________knowledge lends credibility to one’s personality.

18.          Our army is responsible for__________ internal order too.

19.          _______flowers of the adjoining park are quite attractive.

20.          _______money is not everything.



Exercise No. 3.3

Fill in the blanks with a, an, the: 

Example:  (i) The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

1.              _____apple _____day keeps _____ doctor away.

2.              ___ Rajasthan Express is ______ fastest train of our country.

3.              Anil is _____ Dara Singh of our school.

4.              All of ____ sudden, I saw ______ ugly man coming out of _______nearby bushes.

5.              He is ____ M.A. in English and _______ lecturer in ______ Delhi University.

6.              My father is ____ teacher in ____ Senior Secondary School of Delhi.

7.              I saw ___ elephant, ___ stag,______ ewe, _____ram,____ ox, and _____Australian goat.

8.              _____red and ____white goat are together in ____field below.

9.              Standing up on ___ top of my house, I saw _____ unique phenomenon.

10.          It was decided that ____ retired judge would enquire into _____ incident of the firing that happened only ___ day before yesterday.

11.          She is ____M.A. in geography and is trying for _____ appointment of _____lecturer in any of____colleges of_______ Delhi University.

12.          _____cow is ____ sacred animal and is highly esteemed by ____ Hindus.

13.          I found ___ bag on ____ road; _____bag contained ____ knife _____ dairy and _____ one-Rupee note inside it.

14.          _____postman put ___ letter under _____ front door just _____hour after you had left for _____ University.

15.          ____man you saw here yesterday is ___ uncle of mine and ____ great lover of the Ramayana.

16.          There was not _____ policeman at _____ site of _____ accident. I was ____ eyewitness. I saw that ____ spectators were crowding round ____ victim.

17.          Sixty minutes or three thousand six hundred seconds make _____ hour.

18.          I prefer ___ apple to _____ orange or ____ banana.

19.          _______Indian girl is _____ good wife, but ____English girl is ____ good mother.

20.          The Taj Mahal is ___ unique building considered to be one of ____ best in ____world.

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