Friday, 26 June 2020

8.3 - ARTICLES PART - 03






1.             Our teacher told/(a) all of us that the sun/(b) rises in east./(c) No error (d)

2.             When the house was set on the fire, everyone /(a)started crying at the top /(b) of his  voice./(c) No error/(d)

3.             Trees of this  forest must be counted and numbered,/(a) and proper entries must /(b) be made./(c) No error/(d)

4.             In a hour’s time, I finished my  work, / (a) got up, and/ (b) slipped out unnoticed./(c) No error/(d)

5.             His father  forbade him /(a)from going  to party /(b) yesterday in the morning./(c)  No error/(d)

6.             The first step for solving a  problem  is   /(a) to know that/(b) problem exists./(c) No error/(d)

7.             After returning from jail, /(a) he has stopped,/(b) all his criminal activities./(c) No error/(d)

8.             To ascertain  the  number of /(a) the creatures  living/(b) on earth is difficult./(c)No error/(d)

9.             Brahmaputra is one of the longest rivers /(a) which originates /(b) in the Himalayas./(c) No error/(d)

10.         One should be true to one’s promises /(a) in order to earn /(b) name and fame in the life/.(c) No error/(d)

11.         Priya inspired him to take the heart /(a) in every adverse situation,/(b) and wait for some time./(c) No error/(d)

12.         Now I know that /(a) this chapter preaches  /(b) a simplicity in one’s daily life./(c) No error/(d)

13.         I know that /(a) Sunil will visit  Delhi /(b) during  following month./(c) No error /(d)

14.         The remedy lies in promoting values of humanism /(a) and democracy for combating /(b) terrorism./(c)No   error/(d)

15.         Joy told his brothers that they would/(a) go to court of law/ (b) for recovering their money/(c) No error/ (d)

16.         There was little milk in the bottle,/ (a) and she gave it /(b) to the baby when it  started crying./(c) No error (d)

17.         The Ganges is for north India /(a) what Godavari /(b) is for south India./(c) No error (d)

18.         The captain of our team is only person /(a) who can solve this problem/(b) without any delay./(c) No error (d)

19.         People of Indonesia are accustomed to the  warnings about cyclones, and /(a)  very few of them pay any attention to our words /(b)  of caution/(c ) No error/(d)

20.         “Music is science/, (a) but singing /(b) is an art,”/(c)  said our highly distinguished music teacher./(c) No error/(d)

21.         The loss of those ten jobs/(a)was considered an  necessary evil/(b) for saving the Company./(c) No error (d)

22.         Radha does not wear jewels, /(a)but  yesterday she/(b) wore enchanting chain./(c)) No error (d)

23.         In scientific matters credit must go to ‘/(a)a man who convinces the world / (b) and not to the man to whom  that idea occurred first./(c) No error.

24.         People realize/(a) the importance of a player’s skills /(b) only after the match is over./(c) No error (d)

25.         He is the best teacher/(a) of our school, (b) but unfortunately least recognized./(c) No error (d)

26.         Our teacher told us/(a) that sun is/(b)  a star./(c) No error (d)\

27.         Yesterday morning/(a) Amit hurt himself/(b) by a mistake (c) No error (d)

28.         The most reasonable union/ (a) will be union of (b) a deaf man with a blind woman./(c) No error. (d)

29.         I know that/(a) I should go to the temple/(b) everyday, but I do not do so./(c) No error (d)

30.         The answer to all/(a) our sufferings/(b) lies in the science./(c) No error (d)

31.         It was  not her failure that  made /(a) her lose her heart, but it was lack of /(b) emotional support.(c) No error (d)

32.         Many people/(a) in south India/(b) do not know the Hindi./(c) No error (d)

33.         We all shall go/(a) for the lunch/(b) at 2.00 P.M./(c) No error (d)

34.         You must know/(a) that the honesty/(b) is a virtue./(c) No error (d)

35.         We call Kashmir/(a) Switzerland of India/(b) because of its enchanting beauty./(c) No error (d)

36.         Let judge in you/(a) decide the punishment/(b) that you deserve./(c) No error (d)

37.         While climbing a hill, /(a) my friend, Amit/(b) found the box of books./(c)No error (d)

38.         The man is/(a) the only creature bestowed with/(b) the  sense of humor./(c) No error (d)

39.         Out of all those girls/(a) Radha was a centre of attraction/(b) for all of us./(c) No error (d)

40.         I know/ (a) that little knowledge of medical science/(b) is helpful in emergencies./(c) No error (d)

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