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A letter is a particular symbol of writing. A set of letters make an alphabet. In the English alphabet, we have Capital letters and Small letters. Hence, A,  B,  C,  are the capital letters. And a , b, c are the small letters.

Capital letters are used:

      I.          At the start of sentences.

·        Ravi plays cricket. He is a good boy. His father is a doctor

    II.          With the names of people:

·        Ravi Kumar Verma is my friend. Amit plays badminton with Amit Kumar

  III.          For the titles of people and the names of places:

Everybody admires the Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister wrote a letter to the Managing Director of the National Defense Academy, Pune.

He visited the New Delhi Railway Station last year.

N.B.: As stated above in I and II, we use capital letters for the first word of a sentence, and for any proper name or any important term. Words such as ‘of’, ‘the’, etc. do not have capital letters in these names:

  IV.          For something that has a title as the following things:

·        Days of the week: Tuesday, Friday.

·        Place: Major Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium. The Taj Mahal.  East Africa

·        Rivers: We are at a bank of the river Ganga. The Ganga is a sacred river. The river Ganga is very long.

·        For buildings: The Red Fort is very big. People admire the Red Fort very much.

·        For institutes: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences. We visit the All India Institute of Medical Sciences often.

·        For the months of the year: March, May. (They are proper nouns, and they describe themselves. Therefore, no article is put before them.)

    V.          The titles of books, films, newspapers, magazines, etc.

·        A View from the Bridge. (Only the prominent words are in the capital letters.)

·        The Mayor of Mumbai. I read the Mayor of Mumbai twice.

·        The Indian Express is very famous in India. I read the Indian Express daily.

  VI.          The titles:

·        The Prime Minister of India is a learned man. We will meet The Prime Minister on Monday.

N.B.: We use capital letters for the first word and for any proper name or any important term. Words such as ‘of’, ‘in’, ‘the’, etc.  do not have capital letters in the these names or terms  because they are not so prominent.



Exercise No. 8

Rewrite the following sentences by using capital letters wherever necessary:

1.      He studies in a famous University.

2.      Our prime minister is responsible for Government policy.

3.      Cairo is in Northern Egypt.

4.      Ernest Hemingway is the of the novel, for whom the bell tolls.

5.      He was a monarch during the medieval period.

6.      Only one Legislator voted against The Prime Minister.

7.      He received his money in the Month of December.

8.      We do not work of Sundays.

9.      I met the mayor in December.

10.  They saw the mayor last year.


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