Friday 3 December 2021

Introduction to AI


1.      Which of the following is the branch of AI?

A).    Machine Learning

B).    Cyber forensics

C).    Full-Stack Developer

D).   Network Design


2.      Based on which parameter AI is categorized?

A).    Based on functionally only

B).    Based on capabilities only

C).    Based on capabilities and functionally

D).   It is not categorized


3.       Which of the following is a component of AI?

A).    Learning

B).    Training

C).    Designing

D).   Puzzling


4.       _____ is the goal of AI.

A).    To solve artificial problems

B).    To extract scientific causes

C).    To explain various sorts of intelligence

D).   To solve real-world problems


5.       Which of the following is an application of AI?

A).    It helps to exploit vulnerabilities to secure the firm

B).    Language understanding and problem-solving (Text analytics and NLP)

C).    Easy to create a website

D).   It helps to deploy applications on the cloud

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