Saturday 20 November 2021

General Computer Quiz - 1

 1. What is the full form of ISCII?

a. Indian Standard Code for Information Interchange

b. Indian Script Code for Information Interchange

c. Indian Standard Code of Information Interchange

d. Indian Script Code of Information Interchange

2. Which is the correct order of Memory Units in ascending order?

a. Bit, Byte, Nibble, KB, MB,GB

b. Bit, Nibble, Byte, KB, MB, GB

c. Byte, KB, MB, GB, PB, TB, XB

d. Bit, Byte, KB, MB, TB, GB, XB

3. Which is the fastest Memory from the following?

a. RAM

b. Cache

c. SSD

d. HDD

4. The “block” in blockchain technology refers to the _____________ stored in a __________referred to as the “chain”.

a. Public Database, Digital Information

b. Digital Information, Public Database

c. Frame, RAM

d. Page, Hard Disk

5. The speed of the printer in measured in 

a. Character Per Minute

b. Page Per Minute

c. Line Per Minute

d. Dot Per Inch

6. Convert (1101.0110) from Binary to Octal

a. 15.30

b. 13.30

c. 15.06

d. 13.06

7. Which of the following is not a mobile operating System?

a. Safari OS

b. Blackberry OS

c. Windows OS

d. Samsung BADA

8. Which of the following is a Universal Gate?


b. NOT

c. AND

d. XOR

9. Base of a number is also known as -----------

a. Radix

b. Mantissa

c. Range

d. Last Digit

10. Which of the following represent De Morgan’s Law?

a. (A + B)’ = A’B’

b. (A.B)’ = A’ + B’

c. (A+A’B) = A + B

d. Both a and b

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