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General Computer Test - 168


1. Native Reports are

a. Adhoc Report

b. Batch Report

c. Report generated from Production data or OLTP data.

d. All the above.

e. None of the above.

Ans (D)

2. Which one is not correct about Adhoc report

a. Online Report

b. Generated under FCR fast path 7775

c. View/ print under 7778

d. EOD/BOD Report

e. Generated directly from production data base.

Ans (D)

3. Batch Reports are-

a. Adhoc Report

b. EOD/BOD Report

c. Available under Business Objective

d. Generated by FRS data base

e. All the above

Ans (B)

4. Business Object (BO) reports are generated from

a. FCR data base directly

b. FCC data base directly

c. Single Sign on Server

d. Production Server

e. Flex cube Report Server (FRS) data base

Ans (E)

5. Which one of the following Report is not a part of BO report

a. Daily Report

b. Consistency Check Report

c. Balancing Report

d. Balance Sheet Statement & Report

e. Statement of a CASA account

Ans (E)

6. Flex cube Corporate related reports can be access through

a. FCC data base directly

b. FCR data base

c. From GL report server

d. Business Object

e. All the above.

Ans (D)

7. FRS published report can be accessed under URL




d. Any one of the above.

e. None of the above.

Ans (A)

8. Mandatory Reports in CBS is framed based on which one of the following

a. Business Aspects

b. Daily/Periodic Requirement

c. Administrative Requirement

d. Audit Requirement

e. All the above

Ans (E)

9. CBS branches/ offices are required to generate view/print and preserve the required/ mandatory report without fail because

a. It is difficult to generate at future date.

b. Archiving / purging of data from central server.

c. Storage limitation

d. None of the above.

e. All the above.

Ans (E)

10. W.E.F 01.04.2012 R-Returns will be compiled through


b. Extracting data from FCR/FCC

c. Separate server installed at ID Mumbai

d. Data from FDs

e. None of the above

Ans (B)

11. FETERS is

a. Foreign Exchange Transaction Electronic Reporting System

b. Used for R-Return compilation

c. Discontinued w.e.f 01.04.2012

d. All the above

e. None of the above

Ans (D)

12. Regarding Daily slip preparation under CBS environment, which is not correct

a. Waived in CBS environment

b. It should be prepared user-wise duly initialed/ authenticated both by maker/checker and Authorizers

c. User should write the A/Cs head along with GL No, Txn. sequence no. and clear narration

d. Daily mandatory report should be generated for tallying

e. Preserved safely in slip bundle

Ans (A)

13. Under CBS environment maximum cash withdrawal is permitted to 3rd party at HOST branch

a. Any amount

b. Not permitted

c. `50000/-

d. `100000

e. `200000

Ans (B)

14. One of the CA party has got ` 10 Lakhs balance in his A/C. How much amount he can withdraw by self cheque in a day from host branch.

a. `50000/- only

b. `200000/-

c. Any amount

d. Not permitted from host branch

e. Only transfer entry is permitted

Ans (C)

15. X staff has issued a cheque of `50000/- against his OD account in favour of Y. Cheque will be encashed at

a. All host branch of Canara Bank

b. Anywhere in India

c. Only at Base Branch.

d. Only after endorsement

e. Not possible

Ans (C)

16. For 'CANARA BLOG', which is correct

a. A website designed to share information of our Bank staff.

b. Accessed at

c. Canara Bank's blog

d. All the above

e. None of the above

Ans (D)

17. Regarding FP 9540 in FCR (CBS) which one is correct

a. Option used to debit loan account for Insurance Premium

b. Processing charge

c. Disbursement of loan

d. Used for reverse wrong credit made earlier in the loan account

e. Legal charges paid to the advocate.

Ans (D)

18. DD payment under CBS environment which is correct

a. Can be paid by any CBS branch.

b. Paid by debiting BADDs (GL 123500110)

c. At Account Section/ Drawee branch

d. All the above

e. None of the above

Ans (A)

19. Cash BAR should be adjusted on

a. T+2 days

b. T+1 day

c. T+0 day

d. Within a fortnight on receipt of IBA

e. None of the above

Ans (C)

20. TDS on Time Deposit are on

a. Quarterly

b. Half Yearly

c. Monthly

d. On last day of FY at the time of Maturity/Premature closure/prematurity extension/Part withdrawal which events takes place earlier

Ans (D)

21. For exemption of TDS ,Form 15G/H should be captured in FP TDS03

a. In the beginning of FY

b. For every new deposit opened

c. Renewed in different product code

d. All the above

Ans (D)

22. KDR receipt in modified format (w.e.f 01.05.2012) should be printed in FP

a. TD043

b. TD046

c. TD048

d. TD024

e. TD039

Ans (B)

23. SMS/e-mail alert facility in CBS by registering Mobile no & email in FP CIM09 for getting

a. Debit Alert

b. Credit Alert

c. Issuance of cheque book

d. All the above

e. None of the above

Ans (D)

24. Fees recovered from the borrower for registering our security interest with Central Registry (CERSAI) should be parked in GL Head

a. 209271051

b. 209272434

c. 209272431

d. Not to park, directly remit to H.O.

e. No fee payable

Ans (A)

25. Debt Restructuring A/C through LN521/AL521 in CBS should be captured in

a. BA020

b. BAM83

c. BAM59

d. BAM72

e. None

Ans (D)

General Computer Test - 167


1. Interest from the date of purchase till payment on due date for credit card bill is charged @ P A

a) 24 %

b) 18.25%

c) 11.25%

d) No Interest

e) 10 %

Ans (D)

2. To shut down a computer,

a) Switch off the power supply directly

b) Switch off the monitor

c) Click on start button and then click on shut down

d) Remove the power cable to CPU

e) Any one of the above

Ans (C)

3. Which is the longest key on the key board?

a) Space bar

b) Enter key

c) ̳0‘ key

d) Function key

e) Shift Key

Ans (A)

4.  ̳ # is known as

a) dash

b) mash

c) hash

d) cash

e) ash

Ans (C)

5.  ̳Home‘ key in key board is used to

a) go home

b) go out

c) go to beginning

d) go to end

e) All the above

Ans (C)

6. While typing, use of ―Shift‖ key with any alphabet

a) Changes the case of alphabet

b) Makes the alphabet bold

c) Makes the alphabet underlined

d) Makes the alphabet italicized

e) All the above

Ans (A)

7. @ # ? * are known as

a) junk characters

b) sink characters

c) special characters

d) mild characters

e) All the above

Ans (C)

8. A strong password should have minimum  ̳.............‘ Characters

a) 8

b) 6

c) 10

d) 2

e) No limit

Ans (A)

9. Generally strong password should have only

a) Alphabets

b) Numerals

c) Special Characters

d) a & b

e) a b& c

Ans (D)

10. ̳nEhA@2010‘ is a  ̳.......................‘ password

a) weak

b) Strong

c) mild

d) soft

e) Harsh

Ans (B)

11. In Canara Bank,  ̳D I T‘ stands for

a) Department of Information Technology

b) Department for Institutional Technology

c) Department of Income Tax

d) Department for Inventions in Technology

e) Department for Information and Training

Ans (A)

12. With the help of Debit card, maximum  ̳.........................‘ Cash can be withdrawn per day from Canara Bank ATM.

a) 10,000

b) 40,000

c) 20,000

d) 25,000

e) No Limit

Ans (D)

13. Which of the following can be used to withdraw cash from our ATM

a) Gift Card

b) Credit Card

c) Greeting Card

d) E Card

e) All the above

Ans (B)

14. The Intranet site of Canara bank is called as:-





e) None of the above

Ans (B)

15. The Official web site of Canara Bank is:





e) None of the above

Ans (C)

16. The User-ID to login to Banks RTGS -STP consists of:-

a) Staff number

b) Staff number prefixed with Initials

c) Staff number prefixed with Zero

d) Staff number prefixed with R

e) Staff number suffixed with zero

Ans (C)

17. DRC (Disaster Recovery Centre) of Canara Bank is situated at-

a) DIT,Bangalore


c) Delhi



Ans (E)

18. Call centre of Canara Bank is established at------ and being maintained by-----

a) DIT, Bangalore & Canara Bank

b) DIT, Bangalore & CCSL (Canara Bank Computer Services Ltd)

c)Spencer Tower M G Road Bangalore & Transaction wing

d)DRC, Mumbai & IBM

e) None of the above

Ans (B)

19. Which of the following cannot be used by a customer to do banking tractions himself-?

a)Computer with Internet connection

b) Mobile

c) Canara bank call Centre


e) None of the above

Ans (C)

20. Validity of Password in CBS (FCR & FCC) is 30 days System prompts to modify -----days in advance-

a) 7 Days in FCR & 5 Days in FCC

b) 5 days in FCR & 7 days in FCC

c) 10 days in both FCR&FCC

d) None of the above

e) There are no such prompts available.

Ans (B)

21.In order to get PRR-33:Quarterly Report on LPD Accounts in CBS(FCR) LPD/Suits details are

required to capture in Fast Path-


b) BAM74



e) None of the above

Ans (D)

22. AOD (Acknowledge of Debt) details in FCR to be captured to for getting PRR-12 from the system by opting Fast Path-





e) None of the above

Ans (C)

23. In tune with the Damodaran Committee recommendations on Customer Service in Banks our Bank has developed internet based Online Public Grievances Redressal System with the facility to track the status online by our customers/general public which is called as-


b) CPGRS (Canara Public Grievances Redressal System)



e) None of the above

Ans (B)

24. USBs (Ultra Small Branches) can access CBS through Laptop over VPN (Virtual Private Network) using secured URL:





e) No such facility is available.

Ans (C)

25. For Login to USB (Ultra Small Branch) which one is not correct?

a) Same FCR user ID and Password is required

b) Separate Login ID and Password is required

c) Template code 52 to be assigned to the deputing officer

d) URL hhp://

e) A separate user profile in CBS with template code 80

Ans (A)

General Computer Test - 166


1.‖VIRUS‖ is

a) Malicious program to destroy computer data

b) Computer program to play games on computer

c) Very Intelligent, Resourceful and Useful System

d) Computer device to download the softcopy of data e) Any one of the above

Ans (A)

2. ―Softcopy‖ means

a) Print Out on a soft paper

b) Print Out on a soft film

c) Copy of data in program language

d) Latest CD available in the market

e) All the above

Ans (C)

3.  ̳www‘ means

a) World without wirus

b) Worldwide wealth

c) World Wide Web

d) World with web

e) World without Web

Ans (C)

4. A computer in network is identified by  ̳..............................‘

a) I P Address

b) Place where it is kept

c) Log in ID and Password of the user

d) V Sat placed on the rooftop

e) All the above

Ans (A)

5. To do banking transactions himself through computer, a customer must have

a) Internet Banking ID and password

b) Windows based Computer

 c) Internet connection

d) Any one of the above

e) All a,b & c

Ans (E)

6. Bank‘s call centre can handle customers‘ request in  ̳.................‘ languages

a) 7

b) 2

c) 9

d) 5

e) 3

Ans (A)

7.SMS Banking facility allows a customer to

a) Get transaction alerts on the mobile

b) Get mini statement on mobile

c) Get cheque paid/unpaid status on mobile

d) Get loan overdue notice on mobile

e) All the above

Ans (E)

8.RTGS/NEFT is used to do a

a) Bank to bank transaction (Inter-Bank)

b) Branch to Branch Transaction (Intra- Bank)

c) Banks in India to Overseas Banks d) Any one of the above

e) All the above

Ans (A)

9. Minimum amount for funds transfer in  ̳NEFT‘ is

a) 1.00 lac

b) 100

c) 1000

d) No limit

e) 5000

Ans (D)

10. Minimum amount for funds transfer in ―RTGS‖ is

a) 2.00 lac

b) 50,000

c) 5.00 lac

d) 10.00 lac

e) No Limit

Ans (A)

11.  ̳Buy today, pay tomorrow‘ is possible by using

a) Debit Card

b) Credit Card

c) Gift Card

d) Greeting Card

e) Any One of the above

Ans (B)

12.‘Interest free loan‘ for a limited time is available to customers while using

a) Credit Card

b) Debit Card

c) E Card

d) Gift Card

e) All the above

Ans (A)

13. Ideally a customer must have one  ̳..........................‘ across the bank

a) Account ID

b) Customer ID


d) Place ID

e) All the above

Ans (B)

14. ―Toll free‖ number means

a) No Toll Tax

b) No timing

c) No Charges

d) No Network

e) All the above

Ans (C)

15. Which is the easier, cheaper, quicker and secure way of transferring money to a customer of another bank?

a) Demand Draft

b) Multi City Cheque


d) Pay Order

e) All the above

Ans (C)

16. Stuck in a traffic jam, how a customer can do a fund transaction

a) Through SMS Banking

b) Through Mobile Banking

c) Visiting any nearby Bank

d) All the above

e) Any one of these

Ans (B)

17. As a precaution, FCR ‘Password‘ should be informed to

a) Branch Head

b) RCC

c) Data Centre

d) Family members

e) No one

Ans (E)

18. Main gate of ―ATM‖ should be

a) Closed at the close of branch hours

b) Closed during 9.30 PM to 6.30 AM

c) Never Closed

d) Closed during replishment the Cash

e) None of the above

Ans (D)

19.‖ATM‖ machine has  ̳......................‘ Cassettes

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) One

e) Five

Ans (C)

20. In a ATM if a customer fails to take cash, the cash goes to

a) Bin from where it came

b) Reject Bin

c) Dropped on the ground

d) Inside ATM case

e) Any one of the above

Ans (B)

21. Debit cards of Canara Bank are issued by


b) Master

c) Both Visa and Master

d) Infosys

e) None of these

Ans (C)

22. Reward Points can be earned by using

a) ATM card at ATMs

b) Debit card for purchases

c) Credit Card for purchases

d) Gift Card for Purchases

e) Any one of these

Ans (C)

23. We have ATMs of following companies

a) N C R

b) W I N C O R

c) D I E B O L D

d) a & c

e) a b & c

Ans (C)

24. Credit card (Visa Card) used for purchases on 22.04.2012, what will be the due date for payment of bill

a) 10.04.2012

b) 20.04.2012

c) 22.04.2012

d) 10.05.2012

e) 22.05.2012

Ans (D)

25. Bill for Credit Card (Master Card) for a month is generated on  ̳....................‘ date

a) 20th

of every month

b) 1st day of next month

c) Last day of the month

d) Same day

e) No idea

Ans (C)

General Computer Test - 165


1. The computers in all our branches are interconnected within the premises and this is called as

a) LAN-Local Area Network

b) WAN-Wide Area Network

c) Peer Network

d) Star Network

e) None of the above

Ans (A)

2. Wherever networks are not possible, our bank has gone for satellite connections otherwise called as ---



c) SAT

d) VAT

e) TAT

Ans (B)

3. The processing of loan proposal has been recently computerised and the package for it is

a) SAFE-

b) Lending Automation solutions (LAS)

c) ALPS-Automated Lending Processing System

d) Lead management solutions(LMS)

e) None of the above

Ans (C)

4. Cheques lodged in inward clearing can be viewed by the branch using the menu ?

a) ST63

b) ST038

c) ST6002

d) ST999

e) None of the above

Ans (A)

5. To inquire on the status of a cheque entered in outward clearing , you can use the menu option .

a) ST639

b) ST038

c) ST6001

d) All the above

e) None of the above

Ans (B)

6. Once a transaction is authorised, No modification is allowed. Whether the statement is true or false?

a) True

b) False

c) Partially True

d) Partially False

e) None of the above

Ans (A)

7. ―Mouse‖ in a computer is  ̳.....................‘ device

a) Input

b) Output

c) Control

d) Slow

e) All the above

Ans (A)

8. ―SAFE‖ stands for

a) Storage Accounting for Everyone

b) Flexible Locker inventory System

c) Inter linking with CBS-FCR with regard to Customer details and collection of Locker Rent through GEFU

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

Ans (D)

9. Monitor‖ in a computer is  ̳.....................‘device

a) Show

b) Output

c) Input

d) Control

e) Any One of the above

Ans (B)

10. Canara Bank has an Anti-Virus solution from  ̳..................................‘ Company

a) Macafee

b) Avira

c) Symantec

d) Norton

e) Microsoft

Ans (C)

11. ―OS‖ in a computer stands for

a) Open Source

b) Opening System

c) Operating System

d) Optional System

e) Operational Support

Ans (C)

12. ―Plastic Money‖ is referred to

a) Credit Card

b) Debit Card

c) Gift Card

d) ATM Card

e) All the above

Ans (E)

13."Caps Lock‖ key in Key Board is used for

a) Lock the key board

b) Toggle key for lower/upper case of English Alphabet

c) Capturing the print on the screen

d) Control the locking system of computer

e) All the above

Ans (B)

14.Account Operating Instructions in CBS can be viewed in any screen where account number is entered by opting Hot Keys-

a) Alt+A,





Ans (E)

15. ―......................‖ Is an input device

a) ROM

b) RAM

c) Keyboard

d) Monitor

e) Motherboard

Ans (C)

16.  ̳....................‘ is not a storage device

a) RAM

b) Pen drive

c) Floppy

d) Hard disk

e) Compact Disk

Ans (A)

17. In a branch,̳UPS‘ is used to Supply Electric Power to

a) Computers

b) Room Heaters

c) Vacuum Cleaner

d) Air Conditioners

e) All the above

Ans (A)

18. Computer data is stored in  ̳......................‘

a) Tonnes

b) Milliseconds

c) Bytes

d) Litres

e) Millimeters

Ans (C)

19. Computer data means

a) Information about customers‘ accounts

b) Information about transactions

c) Information about customers‘ signatures

d) All the above

e) None of the above

Ans (D)

20.‖Software‖ means

a) Soft Computer devices like cables etc.

b) Programs used in computer

c) Soft touch screen monitors

d) Print outs taken on soft papers

e) All the above

Ans (B)

21.‘CPU‘ is  ̳....................‘ of a computer

a) Brain

b) Face

c) Eyes

d) Stomach

e) All the above

Ans (A)

22. Computers should be used with  ̳...............................‘ Power supply

a) A C

b) D C

c) M C

d) W C

e) All the above

Ans (B)

23. A Computer cannot work without

a) Mouse

b) Key Board

c) Mother Board

d) Pen Drive

e) Hard disk

Ans (C)

24.‖USB‖ port in a computer is used to connect

a) Pen Drive

b) Mouse

c) Key Board

d) Hard Disk

e) All the above

Ans (E)

25.‖Log Out‖ means

a) Shut down the computer

b) Come out from the package

c) Switch off mains power supply to the computer d) Enter the ID and Password

e) All the above

Ans (B)

General Computer Test - 164


1. What do you see when you click the right mouse button?

(1) The same effect as the left click

(2) A special menu

(3) No effect

(4) A mouse cannot be right clicked

(5) Computer goes to sleep mode


2. In order to choose the font for a sentence in a Word document,

(1) select Font in the Format menu

(2) select Font in the Edit menu

(3) select Font in the Tools menu

(4) select Font in the Insert menu

(5) None of the above


3. The ALU performs .......... operations.

(1) logarithm-based


(3) algorithm-based

(4) arithmetic

(5) None of the above


4. Excel is a program that is used to prepare a

(1) Database

(2) Text Document

(3) Spreadsheet

(4) Slide Presentation

(5) None of the above


5. .......... consists of volatile chips that temporarily store data or instructions.

(1) CPU

(2) ROM


(4) RAM

(5) None of these


6. The Core Banking software used by our bank is called:-

a. Pinnacle

b. Finacle

c. Flexcube

d. Solaris

e. None of the above

Ans (C)

7. The unique number given while opening the customer master is called

a) Customer number

b) Customer identification Number (Cust –ID)

c) Account ID

d) PAN No

e) None of the above

Ans (B)

8. The Unique Customer Identification Number consists of digits.

a) 12 numbers

b) 2 alphabets and 6 digits

c) 10 numbers

d) 15 digits

e) None of the above.

Ans (C)

9. The Customer master maintenance captures the following details of the customer.

a) Occupation

b) Residential address

c) Date of Birth

d) Introducer details

e) All the above

Ans (E)

10. As per KYC norms the following details are to be compulsorily captured while opening new


a) Identity proof

b) Residence proof

c) Employment details

d) All the above

e) a & b above

Ans (B)

11. The Alternate Banking Delivery Channels are :-

a) E-banking

b) Mobile banking

c) ATM

d) SMS banking

e) All the above

Ans (D)

12. In whichever screen, where Account number is there, Signature scanned will be displayed by pressing which key.

a) Alt+A

b) Alt+B

c) Alt+C

d) Alt+S

e) Alt+P

Ans (D)

13. Hold Funds earmarked can be revoke (Delete) by Fast Path

a) 1055

b) CHM31

c) CHM33

d) CHM35

e) None of the above

Ans (C)

14. Menu for finding incomplete financial transactions in FCR?

a) 4500

b) 4501

c) 4502

d) 4503

e) None of the above

Ans (D)

15. Term deposits in FCR are auto renewed on the due date. This is happens

a) Without Change in deposit account number

b) New deposit account number is created

c) Renewed at the existing period and scheme

d) Only maturity date is changed

e) Option  ̳a‘ and  ̳c‘ are true

Ans (E)

16. In CBS environment every branch and its extension counters as different Service outlets. The each office/branch will have separate DP code.For FCR & FCC DP code consists of-

a) 4Digits &3 Characters

b) 4 digiths for both

c) 4 digits & 4 Characters

d) 3 digits for both

e) None of the above

Ans (A)

17. Function key F8 is used for

a) Accepting the input

b) Going to next screen

c) Committing

d) To invoke the last used option

e) None of these

Ans (D)

18. To move to the previous field while working in FCR which combination of keys can be used

a) Ctrl+F

b) Shift +Tab

c) Ctrl+Tab

d) Ctrk + E

e) Shift + F3

Ans (B)

19. The key combination populates the Mobile Number & PAN of customer in the screen where Account Number is entered:

a) Control + B

b) Alt+B

c) Control + C

d) Alt+C

e) Control +A

Ans (C)

20. This Functional key should be used when the user wants to clear a field in FCC

a) F7

b) F8

c) F

d) F11

e) F10

Ans (A)

21. Details of cheques paid/unpaid can be found from the menu-?

a) CHM35

b) CHM37

c) CHM32

d) CHM39

e) CHM33

Ans (B)

22. The menu for marking stop payment is ?

a) CHM35

b) CHM37

c) CHM32

d) CHM39

e) CHM33

Ans (A)

23. External lien on KDR can be marked using the Fast Path ?

a) TDM39

b) TDM24

c) CHM07

d) LNM34

e) ALL the above

Ans (B)

24. Our individual Customers can now self generate e-banking ID and Password provided their customer master is updated with the following.

a) Mobile number and email address b) Email address only

c) Mobile no, date of birth and email add

d) Mobile number, date of birth, email add and free text-Y

e) None of the above

Ans (E)

25. The customer has lost his ATM card. How can he hot list the ATM card for preventing misuse?

a) Inform the card details at our Call center

b) Contact the branch for hot listing

c) Both  ̳a‘ or  ̳b‘

d) None of the above

e) Send a letter to the branch informing the loss of the card.

Ans (C)

General Computer Test - 163


1. Which of the following does not store data permanently?

(1) ROM

(2) RAM

(3) Floppy Disk

(4) Hard Disk

(5) None of these


2. Which of the following is the smallest storage?

(1) Megabyte

(2) Gigabyte

(3) Kilobyte

(4) Terabyte

(5) None of these


3. Which menu enables the user to choose toolbars?

(1) View

(2) Format

(3) Insert

(4) Edit

(5) Help


4. By viewing the properties of the local hard disk of a computer, the user can find out

(1) the amount of space that has been used up and the remaining free space on the disk.

(2) the name of the user viewing the properties of the disk.

(3) nothing useful to the user.

(4) the number of programs available in the computer,

(5) None of these


5. Pre-defined and built-in formulas in Excel are known as

(1) Autosheets

(2) Diagrams

(3) Charts

(4) Tables

(5) Functions


6. Which of the following contains permanent data and gets updated during the processing of transactions?

(1) Operating System File

(2) Transaction file

(3) Software File

(4) Master file

(5) Any File


7. The keyboard shortcut to centralise the selected text in Word is

(1) Ctrl + Esc

(2) Ctrl + C

(3) Alt + C

(4) There is no keyboard shortcut for this operation

(5) Ctrl + E


8. Which of the following helps to protect floppy disks from data getting accidentally erased?

(1) Access notch

(2) Write-protect notch

(3) Entry notch

(4) Input notch

(5) None of these


9. A modem is connected to

(1) a telephone line

(2) a keyboard

(3) a printer

(4) a monitor

(5) a scanner


10. Large transaction processing systems in automated organisations use

(1) Online processing

(2) Batch Processing

(3) Once-a-day Processing

(4) End-of-day processing

(5) Once-a-week processing


11. The operation of combining two cells into a single cell in Excel is referred to as

(1) join cells

(2) merge cells

(3) merge table

(4) join table

(5) None of these


12. Which of the following can be used to store a large number of files in a small amount of storage space?

(1) File adjustment

(2) File copying

(3) File reading

(4) File compatibility

(5) File compression


13. In a computer, most processing takes place in

(1) memory

(2) RAM

(3) motherboard

(4) CPU

(5) None of these


14. Data is organized in a worksheet as

(1) charts and diagrams

(2) rows and columns

(3) tables and boxes

(4) graphs

(5) None of the above


15. Which of the following is an example of a binary number?

(1) 6AH1

(2) 100101

(3) 005

(4) ABCD

(5) 23456


16. Spell Check will find errors in which of the following?

(1) Today is a rainy day

(2) Today is a rainy a day

(3) Is a rainy

(4) Rainy today a day

(5) None of the above


17. Which of the following is not a storage medium?

(1) Hard disk

(2) Flash drive

(3) DVD

(4) CD

(5) Keyboard


18. In Excel, when the contents and attributes of a cell or range of cells have to be erased using the menu, the user must

(1) select the Cells. choose Edit. and select Clear, then All

(2) select the Cells. and click Delete on the keyboard

(3) select the Cells. choose Tools. and select Clear. then Formats

(4) select the Cells. choose Tools. and select Formula Audit. then Delete

(5) None of the above


19. The computer abbreviation KB usually means

(1) Key Block

(2) Kernel Boot

(3) Kilo Byte

(4) Kit Bit

(5) None of these


20. If an Excel Worksheet is to be linked for use in a PowerPoint presentation, the following should be clicked

(1) Edit, Paste Special

(2) Edit, Paste

(3) Edit, Copy

(4) File, Copy

(5) None of the above


21. RAM stands for

(1) Random Access Memory

(2) Ready Application Module

(3) Read Access Memory

(4) Remote Access Machine

(5) None of the above


22. Which of the following is the hardware and not the software? .

(1) Excel

(2) Printer driver

(3) Operating system

(4) Powerpoint

(5) Control Unit


23. In Word, which menu would the user select to print a document?

(1) Tools

(2) File

(3) View

(4) Wind0Vob

(5) None of these


24. Which of the following is not true about computer files?

(1) They are collections of data saved to a Storage medium

(2) Every file has a filename

(3) A file extension is established by the user to indicate the date it was created

(4) Usually files contain data

(5) None of the above


25. The common name for a modulator-demodulator is

(1) modem

(2) joiner

(3) networker

(4) connector

(5) demod


General Computer Test - 162


1. To change selected text to all capital letters, click the change case button, then click- (1) UPPERCASE



(4) Lock Upper

(5) Large Size


2. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a-

(1) tab

(2) cell

(3) box

(4) range

(5) None of these


3. You can keep your personal files / folders in-

(1) My folder

(2) My Documents

(3) My Files

(4) My Text

(5) None of these


4. In Word you can force a page break-

(1) By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key

(2) By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing Ctrl + Enter

(3) By using the Insert/Section Break

(4) By changing the font size of your document

(5) None of these


5. A DVD is an example of a(n)-

(1) hard disk

(2) optical disc

(3) output device

(4) solid-state storage device

(5) None of these


6. The default view in Excel is ......... view.

(1) Work

(2) Auto

(3) Normal

(4) Roman

(5) None of these


7. The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called

(1) downloading

(2) uploading

(3) FTP

(4) JPEG

(5) downsizing


8. .......... is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

(1) Tracking

(2) Formatting

(3) Crashing

(4) Allotting

(5) None of these


9. Help Menu is available at which button?

(1) End

(2) Start

(3) Turnoff

(4) Restart

(5) Reboot


10. The contents of .......... are lost when the computer turns off.

(1) storage

(2) input

(3) output

(4) memory

(5) None of these


11. When you enter text in a cell in Excel, it also appears in which of the following?

(1) Status bar

(2) Formula bar

(3) Row heading

(4) Name box

(5) None of these


12. Which elements of a Word document can be displayed in colour?

(1) Only graphics

(2) Only text

(3) Only the first word of each line

(4) All elements, but only if you have a colour printer

(5) All elements

13. A workbook is a collection of

(1) Page Setup

(2) Buttons

(3) Diagrams

(4) Charts

(5) Worksheets


14. appear at the bottom of the Excel Window.

(1) Sheet tabs

(2) Name Box

(3) Formula bar

(4) Title bar

(5) None of these

15. EPROM stands for

(1) Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

(2) Electronic Programmable Read-Only Memory

(3) Enterprise Programmable Read-Only Memory

(4) Extended Programmable Read-Only Memory

(5) Electrical Programmable Read-Only Memory


16. The technology that stores only the essential instructions on a microprocessor chip and thus enhances its speed is referred to as

(1) CISC

(2) RISC


(4) Wi-Fi

(5) MISC


17. Which is not a basic function of a computer?

(1) Store data

(2)Accept input

(3)Process data

(4) Copy text

(5) Accept and process data


18. ASCII is a coding system that provides

(1) 256 different characters

(2) 512 different characters

(3) 1024 different characters

(4) 128 different characters

(5) 1000 different characters


19. Which part of the computer is directly invoked in executing the instructions of the computer program?

(1) The scanner

(2) The main storage

(3) The secondary storage

(4) The printer

(5) The processor


20. In order to create column data in Word, you need to

(1) tab consecutively until your cursor reaches the desired place

(2) set tabs or use the Table menu

(3) use Excel

(4) press the space bar until your cursor reaches the desired place

(5) None of these


21. Files are organised by storing them in

(1) tables

(2) databases

(3) folders

(4) graphs

(5) diagrams


22. When a computer is switched on, the booting process performs

(1) Integrity Test

(2) Power-On Self-Test

(3) Correct Functioning Test

(4) Reliability Test

(5) Shut-down


23. In Word, the feature that automatically detects common errors is called

(1) Autocorrect

(2) Autograph

(3) Spelling and Grammar

(4) Go to

(5) Thesaurus


24. A computer system that is old and perhaps not satisfactory is referred to as a(n)

(1) Ancient system

(2) Historical system

(3) Age old system

(4) Legacy system

(5) Legal System


25. Which of the following is not a binary number?

(1) 001

(2) 101

(3) 202

(4) 110

(5) 011


General Computer Test - 161


1. A collection of program that controls how your computer system runs and processes information is called

1) Operating System

2) Computer

3) Office

4) Compiler

5) Interpreter


2. Computer connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) can

1) run faster

2) go on line

3) share information and /or share peripheral equipment

4) E-mail

5) None


3. Information travels between components on the mother board through

1) Flash memory


3) Bays

4) Buses

5) Peripherals


4. How are data organized in a spreadsheet?

1) Lines & spaces

2) Layers & Planes

3) Height & Width

4) Rows & Columns

5) None


5. The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called the

1) mouse

2) logo

3) hand

4) palm

5) cursor


6. When you are selecting a mouse for a particular computer system, what is the most important consideration?

(1) The type of drivers that come with the mouse

(2) The length of the mouse cord

(3) The type of connector the mouse is equipped with

(4) The number of buttons the mouse has

(5) None of these

Ans: (3)

7. How is power supplied to a low-power USB device?

(1) Through a power cable

(2) From an external power supply

(3) Directly from the computers power supply

(4) Through the USB cable

(5) None of these

Ans: (4)

8. All of the following are basic principles of net works, except —

(1) each computer must have a network card

(2) there must be communications media connecting the network hardware devices

(3) there must be at least one connecting device

(4) each computer must have software that supports the movement of information

(5) None of these

Ans: (2)

9. mining technique derives rules from real-world case examples.

(1) Rule discover

(2) Signal processing

(3) Neural nets

(4) Case-based reasoning

(5) None of these

Ans: (3)

10. ................are used to identify a user who returns to a Website.

(1) Cookies

(2) Plug-ins

(3) Scripts

(4) ASPs

(5) None of these

Ans: (1)

11. Computer uses the .......... number system to store data and perform calculations.

(1) binary

(2) octal

(3) decimal

(4) hexadecimal

(5) None of these


12. A disk's content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and that cannot be changed or erased by the user is-

(1) Memory-only

(2) Write-only

(3) Once-only

(4) Run-only

(5) Read-only


13. Which of the following can be used to select the entire document?

(1) CTRL + A

(2) ALT + F5

(3) SHIFT + A

(4) CTRL + K

(5) CTRL + H


14. .......... are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity.

(1) Phishing

(2) Computer viruses

(3) Spyware scams

(4) Viruses

(5) None of the above


15. Port number, port description, and number of ports ordered are examples of

(1) control

(2) output

(3) processing

(4) feedback

(5) input


16. A Web site's main page is called its-

(1) Home Page

(2) Browser Page

(3) Search Page

(4) Bookmark

(5) None of these


17. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is-

(1) multiprogramming

(2) multitasking

(3) time-sharing

(4) multiprocessing

(5) None of these


18. Codes consisting of lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer-readable are known as-

(1) an ASCII code

(2) a magnetic tape

(3) an OCR scanner

(4) a bar code

(5) None of these


19. To instruct Word to fit the width of a column to the contents of a table automatically, click the..... button and then point to AutoFit Contents.

(1) Fit to Form

(2) Format

(3) Autosize

(4) Contents

(5) AutoFit


20. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends?

(1) It is not unethical, because it is legal.

(2) It is unethical because the files are being given for free.

(3) Sharing copyrighted files without permission breaks copyright laws.

(4) It is not unethical because the files are being given for free.

(5) It is not unethical-anyone can access a computer


21. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym-

(1) CD

(2) DVD

(3) ROM

(4) RW

(5) ROS


22. The most common type of storage devices are-

(1) persistent

(2) optical

(3) magnetic

(4) flash

(5) steel


23. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be-

(1) distributed

(2) free

(3) centralized

(4) open source

(5) None of these


24. A person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other people's computers to get information illegally or do damage is a-

(1) hacker

(2) analyst

(3) instant messenger

(4) programmer

(5) spammer


25. To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is-

(1) dragging

(2) dropping

(3) right-clicking

(4) shift-clicking

(5) None of these


General Computer Test - 160


1. To prevent the loss of data during power failures, use a(n):

A. encryption program.

B. surge protector.

C. firewall.


Answer: D

2. A(n) can shield electronic equipment from power spikes.

A. encryption program

B. surge protector

C. firewall


Answer: B

3. All of these are suggestions for safe computing EXCEPT:

A. don‘t borrow disks from other people.

B. open all e-mail messages but open them slowly.

C. download shareware and freeware with caution.

D. disinfect your system.

Answer: B

4. Freeware encrypts data.

A. encryption

B. firewall software


D. private and public keys

Answer: C defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.

A. Computer forensics

B. Computer crime

C. Hacking

D. Cracking

Answer: B

6. Most computer systems rely solely on for authentication.

A. logins

B. passwords

C. encryption

D. lock and key

Answer: B

7. Creating strong computer security to prevent computer crime usually simultaneously helps protect :

A. privacy rights.

B. personal ethics.

C. the number of cookies downloaded to your personal computer.

D. personal space.

Answer: A

8. Over was spent by businesses and government to repair problems in regard to Y2K.

A. 20 million dollars

B. 100 million dollars

C. 1 billion dollars

D. 100 billion dollars

Answer: D

9. What is a complex system that takes on nearly complete responsibility for a task eliminating the need for people, verification, or decision-making?

A. Autonomous system

B. Missile defense auto-system

C. Smart weapon

D. Independent system

Answer: D

10. Security procedures can:

A. will eliminate all computer security risk.

B. reduce but not eliminate risks.

C. are prohibitively expensive.

D. are inaccessible for the average home user.

Answer: B

11. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ translates and executes program at run time line by line

1) Compiler

2) Interpreter

3) Linker

4) Loader

5) None


12. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is an OOP principle

1) Structured programming

2) Procedural programming

3) Inheritance

4) Linking

5) None


13. COBOL is widely used in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ applications

1) Commercial

2) Scientific

3) Space

4) Mathematical

5) None


14. RAM stands for

1) Random origin money

2) Random only memory

3) Read only memory

4) Random access memory

5) None


15. 1 Byte = ?

1) 8 bits

2) 4 bits

3) 2 bits

4) 9 bits

5) None


16. SMPS stands for

1) Switched mode power supply

2) Start mode power supply

3) Store mode power supply

4) Single mode power supply

5) None


17. The device used to carry digital data on analog lines is called as

1) Modem

2) Multiplexer

3) Modulator

4) Demodulator

5) None


18. VDU is also called

1) Screen

2) Monitor

3) Both 1 & 2

4) printer

5) None


19. BIOS stands for

1) Basic Input Output system

2) Binary Input output system

3) Basic Input Off system

4) all the above

5) None


20. Father of ‘C’ programming language

1) Dennis Ritchie

2) Prof Jhon Kemeny

3) Thomas Kurtz

4) Bill Gates

5) None


21. The 16 bit Microprocessor means that it has

1) 16 address lines

2) 16 Buses

3) 16 Data lines

4) 16 routes

5) None


22. Data going into the computer is called

1) Output

2) algorithm

3) Input

4) Calculations

5) flow chart


23. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

1) LAN

2) DSL

3) RAM

4) USB

5) CPU


24. Microsoft Office is

1) Shareware

2)Public domain software

3) Open-source software

4) A vertical market application

5) An application suite


25. How many options does a BINARY choice offer

1) None

2) One

3) Two

4) it depends on the amount of memory on the computer

5) It depends on the speed of the computer‘s processor


General Computer Test - 159


1. In a survey of more than 500 companies and government agencies, percent detected computer security breaches.

A. 20

B. 75

C. 85

D. 99

Answer: C

2. The survey showed that these businesses lost more than due to security breaches.

A. $100,000 each

B. $377 million

C. five employees each

D. $1 million

Answer: B

3. The typical computer criminal is a(n):

A. young hacker.

B. trusted employee with no criminal record.

C. trusted employee with a long, but unknown criminal record.

D. overseas young cracker.

Answer: B

4. The majority of computer crimes are committed by:

A. hackers.

B. insiders.

C. overseas criminals.

D. young teenage computer geniuses.

Answer: B

5. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is:

A. spooling.

B. identity theft.

C. spoofing.

D. hacking.

Answer: C Reference: Theft by Computer

6. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of:

A. spooling.

B. identity theft.

C. spoofing.

D. hacking.

Answer: B

7. Malicious software is known as:

A. badware.

B. malware.

C. maliciousware.

D. illegalware.

Answer: B

8. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is a:

A. worm.

B. Trojan horse.

C. virus.

D. macro virus.

Answer: B Moderate

9. An intentionally disruptive program that spreads from program to program or from disk to disk is known as a:

A. Trojan horse.

B. virus.

C. time bomb.

D. time-related bomb sequence.

Answer: B

10. In 1999, the Melissa virus was a widely publicized:

A. e-mail virus.

B. macro virus.

C. Trojan horse.

D. Time bomb.

Answer: A

11. What type of virus uses computer hosts to reproduce itself?

A. Time bomb

B. Worm

C. Melissa virus

D. Macro virus

Answer: B

12. The thing that eventually terminates a worm virus is a lack of:

A. memory or disk space.

B. time.

C. CD drive space.


Answer: A

13. When a logic bomb is activated by a time-related event, it is known as a:

A. time-related bomb sequence.

B. virus.

C. time bomb.

D. Trojan horse.


14. A logic bomb that was created to erupt on Michelangelo‘s birthday is an example of a:

A. time-related bomb sequence.

B. virus.

C. time bomb.

D. Trojan horse.

Answer: C

15. What is the name of an application program that gathers user information and sends it to someone through the Internet?

A. A virus

B. Spybot

C. Logic bomb

D. Security patch

Answer: B

16. Standardization of Microsoft programs and the Windows operating system has made the spread of viruses:

A. more complicated.

B. more difficult.

C. easier.

D. slower.

Answer: C

17. HTML viruses infect:

A. your computer.

B. a Web page in the HTML code.

C. both a Web page and the computer that is viewing it.

D. No

Answer: B

18. Software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating system are known as:

A. security breach fixes.

B. refresh patches.

C. security repairs.

D. security patches.

Answer: D

19. When customers of a Web site are unable to access it due to a bombardment of fake traffic, it is known as:

A. a virus.

B. a Trojan horse.

C. cracking.

D. a denial of service attack.

Answer: D

20. is the measurement of things such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access.

A. Biometrics

B. Biomeasurement

C. Computer security

D. Smart weapon machinery

Answer: A

21. What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?

A. User logins

B. Passwords

C. Computer keys

D. Access-control software

Answer: B

22. The most common passwords in the U.S. or Britain include all EXCEPT:

A. love.

B. Fred.

C. God.

D. 123.

Answer: D

23. Hardware or software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as a(n):

A. hacker-proof program.

B. firewall.

C. hacker-resistant server.

D. encryption safe wall.

Answer: B

24. The scrambling of code is known as:

A. encryption.

B. a firewall.

C. scrambling.

D. password proofing.

Answer: A

25. If you want to secure a message, use a(n):

A. cryptology source.

B. encryption key.

C. encryption software package.

D. cryptosystem.

Answer: D